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Transparent Lab BULK Pre-workout: Commercialized non-sense or the real deal?

You've probably seen it advertised a million times on any social media platform, along with Ghost and 1-Up Nutrition... Transparent Labs has spent plenty of money on advertising. However, with a lot of advertising comes even higher expectations for a solid product. Does Transparent Labs BULK Pre-workout live up to the hype? As usual, let's give it a fair and unbiased score.

Taste - 7/10 Strawberry Lemonade

I spent quite a while figuring out exactly how to explain the taste of this pre-workout. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a taste bud savant, but I obviously know what tastes good to me and what tastes not so good. This pre-workout did not by any means blow me away... But it wasn't that bad. One thing that I immediately was not a fan of was how foamy it was after it had been mixed. The foam has this strange sour taste, and it makes an appearance with each sip. To be honest, if it wasn't for the foam I think I would have given it a higher score, because the flavor itself was actually decent. You can absolutely tell that they don't use any artificial sweeteners, because I thought the one thing that would have helped the taste was a little more sweetness to amp things up a bit.

I'm not sure how the other flavors tasted, but I am assuming that the foam that appears after mixing has something to do with the ingredient profile most likely found in all of Transparent Labs pre-workouts. Overall, 7/10, not so bad.

Ingredients - 9/10

One of the most important pieces to this pre-workout in my opinion is the ingredients. Right off the bat, if you look at Transparent Labs website it reads in bold print, "Science Backed Claims." To me, that normally means that the company is full of crap. However, I can say that the ingredients in this pre-workout are actually fantastic and perfectly dosed. It seems as though Transparent Labs have a team of nutritionists and dietitians that have studied and researched the best ingredients to place inside of BULK Pre-workout and it shows.

First of all, we see 6,000 mg of citrulline malate to improve strength and overall performance during your workout. We also find 4,000 mg of beta-alanine, the tingly additive as I like to call it, which can help with overall fatigue and also increase strength. I firmly believe that Beta-alanine is pivotal in a pre-workout. It actually irritates me when Beta-alanine is ignored in an ingredient profile... Anyway, onward. We also find 4,000 mg of BCAA's, which to me is not ultra-necessary in a Pre-workout, but also is a great addition to have on top of everything else found in this pre-workout.

To me, one of the most important parts of a pre-workout is the amount of Caffeine Anhydrous it contains. Lifters take in wayyyy too much caffeine, and I think the problem is that most lifters do not look on the back of their pre-workout label to see how many mg's of caffeine are found in most scoops of pre-workout. However, in BULK we find only 180 grams of caffeine anhydrous, which in my opinion is the perfect amount to wake you up and push you through a workout but not give you the shakes.

The list goes on and on of helpful ingredients in this pre-workout, but the most important thing to take from this review is the perfect balance of ingredients. I really feel that in terms of portions, this is the best pre-workout on the market that I have tried.

Performance - 9/10

When it came time to start lifting, I felt focused and ready. I did not get ultra tingly from the beta-alanine, and I felt like the caffeine woke me up enough to feel motivated to put my all into my workout. During my entire workout, I felt like I had enough power and strength to push my body to the limit. What more can you ask for out of a pre-workout?

Mixability - 7/10

It's the dang foam! I can't get past the foam at the top of the liquid after mixing. To be fair, I feel like the powder mixed really well when it came to the liquid portion of the pre-workout. The foamy bubbles kind of forced me to take just a few points off. Maybe I'm just a freak, I don't know...

Value - 7/10

So it comes down to this... Is Transparent Labs BULK Pre-workout a good deal? I think so, but I definitely feel like the price is a little bit steep (even with all of the fantastic ingredients). You know when you go to a store, and all of their items are always on sale? Kind of makes you wonder if its actually on sale, or if the sale price is actually just the normal price and they are saying its a sale as a selling mechanism to rake in people like me.... Anyway, that's kind of how I feel about what Transparent Labs is doing with BULK. Normally, BULK is $54 for a tub of 30 servings, however it is always on sale for 49.99... So lets round down and say it is $1.67 per serving. horribly expensive? Maybe not excessively, but its definitely pricey for a Pre-Workout.

So Ill say this, for people who have a few extra bucks hanging around and wanna spend the extra money on some dynamite ingredients, I give it the absolute thumbs up. For those of you penny pinchers who are hesitant to spend $50 on a preworkout, maybe take a look at some of my other reviews and find something a little more reasonable. Click the link here to purchase it yourself.

BroPump out!

Total - 7.8/10

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