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The Impact of Covid-19 on Strength in the Gym

Yep... I caught it. I got the Vid. To be honest, it really is a shame that I was able to go this far, almost a full year into lockdown, and right when we are at the finish line I became infected. But, what are ya gonna do, right? It is obviously important to try and be as safe as humanly possible, but unfortunately with how rapid this virus spreads, it is easy to contract it anywhere you go. So, at the end of January, I wasn't feeling so good and I received a positive test from the local clinic.

"Dude, we really could care less. Why are you talking about this on a website dedicated to fitness?" Well Jimmy or whatever your name is (I'm assuming it's Jimmy), I got WIPED OUT by this virus, and I wanted to talk about what to expect in the week during and even weeks after showing symptoms. I know that there is really no need to preface this article with a statement, but regardless I am not a doctor and I am not claiming to be any sort of a medical professional, this is simply my very stupid first hand experience with the virus.

So to start, let's talk about the symptoms that I experienced while I had Covid-19. Both my wife and i both tested positive, and we both shared the exact same symptoms almost perfectly in unison throughout our 10 day quarantine. The first symptom that I experienced was a SLAMMING headache, which was immediately concerning considering I don't normally get headaches. I knew something was wrong, and immediately got tested to find out if I had been infected, and sure enough I had.

The next day, my headaches continued, and I began to feel extremely achy and sore. Normally, when I explain that I was feeling aches and pains due to a sickness, many would rightfully presume that it would be joint pain. However, this achy feeling was actually muscular pain! I felt extreme soreness, mainly in my lower back and hamstrings. It was hard to sleep, as it felt that no matter what position I was in I was uncomfortable.

The next symptom I experienced was a sore throat, followed by a nasty cough. To be honest, thus far I was extremely fortunate because every symptom that I had gotten thus far was fairly easily treated by taking an Ibuprofen or some NyQuil. By day 6-7, I was really starting to feel better, but I was definitely worried about the virus coming back on day 8 for vengeance as I had heard happened to countless others. Happily, my pain symptoms improved, but it was on day 8 that I lost my taste and smell. I had actually only lost my taste and smell for about 2 days, and then it fortunately started to come back.

Now comes the true reason that I am writing about my experience with Covid-19: Throughout experiencing all of the above symptoms, I did not realize the toll that the virus put on my body until I came out of quarantine and returned back to my regular life. I say this also, knowing that I am not the only one. Others that have contracted the virus say that they experienced the same thing, extreme fatigue returning to regular living. What is so surprising to me is that I do not feel like I got a super bad case of the virus, I definitely know for certain that there are many of those around the world that were in a much worse state than I was in. However, when I returned back to the gym, I was discouraged!

My first experience back to the gym was pure agony, embarrassment, and disappointment. I couldn't bench anything! 135 pounds felt like 225 pounds, everything felt immensely more challenging. When I would lay down on the bench to press, I seriously considered closing my eyes and just falling asleep... and this was even after a heavy dose of preworkout! The following workouts days after my first continued on the same path, far too tired and fatigued to even come close to where I was in my progress before contracting Covid-19. Later in the week after I had escaped quarantine, I decided to weigh myself just out of curiosity. I was 186 pounds, a whopping 10 pounds less than I weighed before the virus.

It felt like all of the progress that I made this year weight training in the gym was futile, like I lost everything. This is the wrong way to think and feel! I want to make sure that any of you who are going through the same dilemma or are going to go through a similar situation look at it in a different light. This sickness was a minor setback, and you will get back to where you were initially. I will get back to my initial form.

Covid absolutely annihilated my body, and I am simply feeling the effects of it at the gym. But what I will say is that I am now a little over 2 weeks out of quarantine, and after every workout I can feel myself getting stronger and stronger, improving after each set. My endurance is improving, my mindset is changing, and I want to be a source of reassurance for all of you recovering from any sort of ailment, even an injury! Just keep your mind focused, and try to be a better you every single day. Get back to eating properly, consuming enough calories and grams of protein, focus on getting your micronutrients through fruits and vegetables, and most importantly get back into a proper routine of exercise.

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