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The Best Creatine Supplements of 2020

Creatine is a must take supplement for any serious athlete and/or lifter. Creatine aids in muscular endurance and strength, and is a supplement that is so easy and routine to take. Many of my favorite creatine supplements are unflavored and blend easily with water with the exception of a couple. So, lets not waste anyones time, here are the top creatine supplements on the market right now:

Top Value Creatine Supplement - MyProtein Creatine MonoHydrate

Creatine monohydrate has been used for a super long time, and it has been proven to improve strength and endurance. At the end of the day, when it comes to saving money while also buying a great product, Myprotein has you covered on all fronts. What I love about this creatine is the fact that it comes unflavored, and also in a 2.2 lb bag. Thats a ton of creatine! There are actually a total of 200 servings in the large bag. That leaves you with no excuse to miss a day of consumption. For me, I get super bored and tired of the same flavor especially when I am buying a product in bulk. Having the Myprotein creatine be unflavored makes it so easy to drink. I have been taking this supplement for a very long time now, and I really do love it, and at the price it is at, you really can't compare it to any other brand.

The only con that I would give this creatine is the scooper that they give you in the bag. The bag itself just seems so hulking that a lot of the time when you remove the scooper, creatine will fall out of a lot of the nooks and crannies of the scooper and spill out of the bag making a mess. But to be honest, for the price, its totally worth having to clean up a little every so often. Also, keep an eye out for sales on the us.myprotein.com website, as they frequently run 40% or more off sales. Click here to purchase on their website!

Top Flavored Creatine Supplement - Ghost Size

We come back at you with the Ghost team with their product Size. This product is absolutely delicious tasting, if thats what you are interested in. It comes in both Sour Warheads green apple and watermelon flavors. To be honest with you though, if you are looking for something that is strictly a creatine product, you may want to look for a cheaper option. The benefit to Ghost Size is the fact that it has a few other key ingredients included inside of it. Not only does it have your daily recommended 5g dose of creatine, but it also contains 2.5g Betaine which helps you digest amino acids. It also contains CarnoSyn Beta-alanine which aids in reducing muscular fatigue during a workout. This could be a good supplement to take as a stimulant free pre workout, as it does not contain any caffeine but will be of good help to you during a workout.

The big con that I find with this product, and many of Ghosts is simply the price tag. I just wish they made their products a little cheaper so it would be a little more of a value supplement than they do. But, this supplement has a lot of cool benefits, and tastes amazing, and could easily be a top supplement priority for a lot of athletes. Click here to buy off their website!

Best Quality Creatine Supplement - Kaged Muscle Creatine HCL

Creatine HCL is a different type of creatine than the traditional creatine monohydrate. HCL is scientifically proven to have increased absorption into your muscles. Also, it is extremely water soluble and will have no problem mixing into a glass of water. Kaged Muscle has always put out extremely efficient and high quality supplements, and their creatine HCL is no different. Really, for the price point, it's not too bad of a bargain deal either. You can get a 75 serving container of this product for only $20. When it comes to the quality of this product, it is priced extremely well. They also have an unflavored option for this creatine, along with a lemon-lime flavor that tastes really great. Also, if you don't feel like having to deal with the powder form, it even comes in vegetable caps. Try out this creatine supplement, you will see a big difference in your training and in your physique over time.

Im telling you, this is the absolute best bang for your buck for a super high quality creatine with high benefits.

Hope you found this list helpful, please give this post a like and comment what you would like to see next! Get jacked!

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