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Culture Pre-Workout Review

Back at it again with another Culture supplement to try, the long awaited pre-workout. After previously trying the Culture Supps Whey Protein Isolate, I had to see what else this company had to offer when it came to fitness supplements. Needless to say, their pre-workout really stood out to me. After looking through the ingredient profile and recognizing the hard work and research that went into creating this product, I knew that an in depth review was in store. Let's find out if this was a success or a flop.

Taste - 7/10 Cherry Candy

After having the fantastic tasting Cookies and Cream whey protein isolate from Culture Supps, I could tell that they put a lot of time into experimenting with different flavors and recipes until they came out with a product that was the best tasting in their opinion. As a kid, I was always a fan of that artificial cherry taste that you find in a variety of different candies. The one that comes to mind are the cherry flavored Jolly Ranchers, bro those were insane! When I first tried this product, I felt like it was a really solid flavor, but I just felt like maybe the flavor could have been stepped up quite a bit. I really hadn't tried a cherry flavored pre-workout before except for the cherry limeade Ghost pre-workout flavor. If you were to compare the Cherry Candy flavor of Culture pre-workout to that of Ghosts pre-workout, Culture Supps blows them clean out of the water in my opinion.

What was left to be desired in my mind was a little less sweetness and maybe a little more sour. I just felt like it was a little too sweet even for my taste. That's not to say by any means that it was bad tasting, I just think it could be improved. Maybe try some of the other variety of flavors if you are going to try this pre-workout for yourself, such as Blue Raspberry Chews or Sour Citrus.


Ingredients - 10/10 Just Wow...

Can I say enough about how unreal the ingredients are in this product? I feel like this supplement is perfectly dosed. I don't like to give anything a 10/10! In my mind there always has to be room for improvement. But not for this supplement. Let's take a close look. First of all, I think I say it enough on this website, but I truly believe the fitness community is inundated with caffeine, especially the lifters on youtube. There is no need to ingest 1000 mg of caffeine in a day... Even the most tired and fatigued human in the world does not need that much caffeine to stay awake and productive throughout the day. In this supplement, there is a perfect 200 mg of caffeine. That is enough caffeine to get you through the workout, and to be honest keep you fairly productive and focused for a few hours post workout. What I also love is 4 grams of L-Citrulline, an ingredient used to improve overall athletic performance, and 4 grams is a perfect dosage pre-workout.

An ingredient that i always believe should be in a good pre-workout is Beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine is a non essential amino acid which reduces fatigue and improves athletic performance in the gym. In Cultures pre-workout, there is a total of 3.2 grams of Beta-Alanine found in a serving, once again a spot on dosage. Also, in addition to all of these other fantastic ingredients is a pump blend that contains such ingredients as Green Tea Extract, Tumeric Extract, Tart Cherry, Blueberry, Broccoli and Kale! Talk about ingredients that are common and known!


Performance - 9/10

This pre-workout was by far one of the best when it came to my overall performance in the gym. If you want a great workout where you feel awake, focused, and powerful without feeling the jitters from a high caffeinated pre-workout, look no further. At the end of each workout where I have used this product, I feel an insane pump, and I feel like the king of the world. I would say the only pre-workout where I felt the same if not better than I did off of Cultures pre-workout was when I took Blue Star Nutraceuticals PPK (Review can be found on this website).


Mixability - 9/10

This pre-workout mixed excellently in the recommended amount of water in a shaker cup. The only bad thing that I really had to say about the consistency of the final product was a thick layer of foam that sits on the top of the pre-workout mixture. It does not take away from the overall experience of drinking this pre-workout, but that is why I could not give it a 10/10.


Value - 9/10

As you can see from the gracious words I have used to describe the ingredients found in this pre-workout, for the price you really cannot beat it. Obviously, it didn't receive the best score when it came to the overall taste of the product, but at the end of the day we really aren't drinking pre-workout to have something that only tastes good. We want the benefits associated with it! And also that is not to say that this pre-workout is gross tasting, if anything it is better tasting than a lot of its competitors, I just feel that they can improve. The price of this pre-workout starts at $44.99 for 30 servings, which is spot on $1.50 per scoop. That is not at all an unreasonable price, and I am telling you that once you experience this pre-workout for yourself, you will be blown away by your performance in the gym!

Total - 44/50

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