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1 UP Iso Protein Review

It all started with a craving for strawberry milk. I could've probably killed a man for the taste of that pink potion. What better way to drink strawberry milk than to get it in a protein powder! Gains and nostalgia all mixed together into one glass, heck yea big daddy. All I wanted was just a lick of that classic NesQuik thick fluorescent milk while also fueling my body with some macronutrients. Now it was just time to decide which brand of strawberry protein powder I was gonna get. I looked around online, but couldn't find anything that stood out, until I watched a youtube video and saw 1 Up Nutrition sponsoring the athlete. I figured, whatever I'll give it a try. Did I get the flavour that I desired? Did It have the consistency that I had longed for? I guess you're gonna have to read this review and find out.

Taste - 6/10 Strawberry

I just wanted a protein powder that tastes like Nestle strawberry milk, is that too much to ask for?! Honestly, it is. I blame the high expectations that I had for this protein powder going into the taste test for the not so great score. It tastes good, but not great. To be honest, it's probably better than most other strawberry protein powders out there, but that is also not saying much. Most strawberry protein powders tastes like a dog's butthole, not that I would know... Don't get me wrong, the flavor is definitely bearable and easy to drink. But it still has that protein aftertaste that comes with so many protein powders. And also, the sweetness that you taste in the supplement tastes kind of artificial. I can't really pinpoint exactly what is wrong with the sweetness, all I can tell you is that it doesn't taste like it should.

Ingredients - 7/10

The one thing that I will say about 1 Up whey protein isolate is that it gives you exactly what you need with no unnecessary additives. It is a straight up in your face protein powder. It doesn't mess around with throwing BCAA's inside of it, there is no pink sea salt added to it, it has no distractions. I love the fact that they use a whey protein isolate, a lot of the time it is much easier on your stomach, and it doesn't give you that major bloating feeling of a regular whey protein. It also is said to be easily digestible, although there are some out there who disagree with this science. This protein powder is straight to the point, there are no gimmicks to 1 Up Iso Protein!

Nutrition - 10/10

I don't think that you are going to find a more macro-friendly protein powder, no matter where you look. This is a bare bones protein isolate supplement. 0 grams of fat can be found in each serving, which is a macronutrient that normally will increase the calories excessively of a protein powder. Also, only 1 gram of carbohydrates and a whopping 25 grams of protein per scoop. If you are on a cut, this is the protein for you! A main reason for the low carbohydrates is the fact that they use Stevia Leaf to sweeten this protein instead of calorie and carb dense sugars.

Consistency - 9/10

Remember what I was saying in the intro about consistency? To me, sometimes consistency is just as important as the taste when it comes to strawberry milk. 1 Up Iso Protein delivered on the consistency of this product. It is extremely easy to mix, it does not clump, and mixes into a thicker viscosity than normal protein powder. I thought 1 Up did a great job on the mixability of this protein powder.

Value - 6.5/10

Some parts of this review were very positive, and other parts of the review were not so positive. At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself is, "is this product worth the money?" If I am going to be frank with you, I would say probably not. Online, it sells for a regular price of $55 per tub of 28 servings. That is approximately $2 per serving. To me, there are plenty of other whey protein isolate products that you can buy that are cheaper and accomplish the same thing. However, on sale, sometimes this product will dip to $43, which is much more alluring than the standard price. If this product is on sale, I say go for it and try it out. Try to get a discount code online and get a few extra bucks off of your purchase!

1 Up Nutrition is a supplement company that reminds me a lot of Ghost. They are a company that spends tons of money on advertising and brand placement, but can sometimes falter when it comes to the overall quality of their product. However, they really do a great job making their company a household name, so more power to them!

Total - 7.7/10

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